With a curated community of animators, UX and UI designers and rendering pros.

Find creative collaborators junior to senior level of expertise. We only ever recruit professionals and manually check all new applicants’ details.

Upload Project

Via video, voice or text. Get your vision across and tell us what you are after.

Tell us about your project, company, audience, existing brand guidelines. Upload inspirations. Play around with the style charts. Make as many changes to the brief as you like before the project goes live.

Request a fast and easy quote to estimate the value of your project. Or tell us your budget.

Get Matched

To the best designer/s for your timeframes, brief and budget.

You have 4 options: work with the first available candidate, invite specific creators, commission someone or get matched to 5 top candidates with our smart match-making software.

Your matches are Creators who guarantee that they are keen and available to work on your project if selected.

If we think you could be matched better -our inhouse team scouts professionals from our extended networks to suit your brief, budget, timeframes and style.

Finalise Details

Finalize your timeframes, budget and project details.

Talk to your matches in The Workroom before the project goes live.

Select who you want to work with.


Funds are released to your creator when the project is finished, undergone QA and has been approved by you and the reviewer.

Pay for your project in advance with Visa, Mastercard or PayPal through our secure SSL encrypted e-commerce system.

100% money back guarantee for projects that did not satisfy the brief. More here.

Work Remotely

Communicate with your creator, share files and monitor project progress in the Workroom.

Invite your co-workers to see progress and comment. Workroom provides a clean, smooth and easy project management process and a clear and tracked communication channel.

We help monitor and manage your job from start to finish.

Quality Assurance

All projects on Tap are checked for quality by senior creators.

That means that your work in progress and your final had at least two sets of eyes reviewing it. Reviewers detect potential issues, help direct the project and sign off the final.

Need it to be 110% perfect- purchase additional professional review by senior creators on Tap.

Work face-to-face

Skip the middle man, scout talent, invite creators to meet you in person.

When you have found the right people, work face-to- face or through the Workroom. Once you paid a one off ‘meet and greet’ fee, these relationships with Tap creators are yours to keep.

Your project is ready

Simple pricing system.

No service fee, no minimum fee, no extra fees for urgent projects or project management. Only pay for projects you put through the platform when working remotely.

Pay a one-off ‘meet and greets’ fee if you are talent scouting and want to work face-to-face.

Tap holds your payment until the project is complete. Funds are released to your creator when the project has finished, undergone QA and has been approved by you and the reviewer,

100% money back guarantee for projects that did not satisfy the brief. More here.


Set the timeframes and milestones for your project.

Tap software will only match you to creators who are qualified, keen and available to work to your deadlines.

Tap in-house team is here to help so there will be no hick ups.

Project Size

There are no restrictions on project size or duration.

We guarantee the best match, quality assurance and smooth project management of any shape and size. Use Tap for one-off, small, urgent jobs or as your regular outsourcing platform. Get in touch to find out about integrating Tap with your company’s process design.



For companies in New Zealand, Australia and UK.



Work only with vetted professionals



Save money



Fast, easy and on-demand



QA process you can trust


We match companies to work on projects of all shapes and sizes with the best creators on Earth.